This life-changing anti-ageing serum will leave you with healthy, radiant skin in a jiffy

We do all we can to achieve flawless skin goals. Yes, that includes everything from double cleansing to including an additional step (read: serum) to our regime. But if your skin’s become immune to its benefits, still feels a little dry and you’re noticing fine lines, we’ve got news for you. It’s time to add vitamin A into your life. 

Hold up! What’s vitamin A, you ask? 

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Also known as retinol, vitamin A is just a miracle ingredient that slows down the signs of ageing, irons out wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen production and healthy skin cell renewal for firmer skin, increases the skin’s elasticity and tackles a nasty list of acne, free radicals, and sun damage. Yeah, no biggie. 

Retinol + hydration = Golden hour for days 

You may have heard that retinol can be too harsh on the skin. Fret not, as our vegan Golden Hour Vitamin A serum is infused with plant-based and natural forms of vitamin A such as retinyl palmitate and seabuckthorn berry.

Aside from possessing the mega list of benefits above, we’re happy to report that the oil-based serum does wonders to dry AF skin, with key hydration factors that your skin will drink up almost instantly. Oh, and don’t be put off by the word ‘oil’. Our serum actually balances the sebum levels so you won’t feel too dry or greasy. 

The unique combo of natural vitamin A (retinyl palmitate and seabuckthorn berry) and hydrating factors makes the Golden Hour Vitamin A serum our star product.

Apply the frankincense, rose geranium and ylang ylang-spiked serum during the PM, and you’re on your way to the best complexion of your life (yes, we’re pretty dramatic here). 

Psst… if you’re still afraid to add retinol to your routine, you can start by applying once or twice a day and subsequently increasing the usage. Skincare should never be intimidating. Ready for A+ skin? 

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