Want glowing skin in the morning and any time of the day? Follow these steps.

Attaining glowing skin is the ultimate goal. Don’t @ us 

Not many of us are gifted with naturally glowing skin. Hell, most of us would kill for that sexy sheen on thy face. Plus, it doesn’t help that a nasty bag of environmental stressors, sun exposure, skin impurities and bad lifestyle choices stand in the way of having that glowy goodness shine to its fullest potential. But don’t you worry about a thing. With these tips, you’re on your way to the healthiest skin of your life. 

Why is glowing skin all the rage, you ask?

It’s been the buzzword for a while and with good reason. Maybe we have to thank the rise of Korean beauty’s ‘glass skin’ routine, the no-makeup, makeup look or simply stressing on self-care and looking after our body from inside out – glowing, radiant skin is here to stay.

First things first: Adopt a killer skincare routine

Don’t get us wrong – we love what an iridescent highlighter can do to our cheekbones but imagine waking up with lit-from-within skin? Facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and beauty tools play a big part in skin cell renewal and accelerating cell growth but it’s great to have your basics down pat.

Step 1: Cleanser

Ahh, the humble cleanser. This crucial first step removes traces of makeup and skin buildup so you can begin with a fresh canvas. But you also want a product that’s gentle, balances pH levels and doesn’t strip away moisture. We recommend a gentle foaming deep-cleanser that eradicates nasties (skin buildup and grime included).

Extra step: Exfoliation

We’re calling it an extra step as we find that daily use may draw out your natural oils. But with many gentle exfoliators in the market, it’s completely up to you to decide on the usage (a good 1 – 3 times a week does the trick for us). Much like how a body scrub works, a face exfoliator tackles clogged pores and removes excess sebum and leftover debris. It also minimises the appearance of pores and reduces acne. There’s a gamut of exfoliating goodies out there but we’re usually drawn to the ones with glycolic acid and salicylic acid which facilitate the function of a good exfoliator + improve your skin’s complexion. Double yes!

Step 2: Toner

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, toners are a must. Often overlooked, these babies also help with swiping away leftover makeup and dirt (especially around the neck). Aside from that layer of protection, toners are major hydrators, keeping your skin moist and ready to soak up the next amazing thing you put onto your face.

Step 3: Serums

Being the bonafide skincare junkie that we are, it’s no doubt our faces gleam with joy when we talk about serums. They fight almost every skincare issue under the sun (premature ageing, pigmentation, dull and dry skin, just to name a few) and boast active ingredients that target these issues. Just like a scrumptious buffet spread, there’s a variety of serums to choose from depending on your skin type and concern. We’ve got two different serums to add to your routine, whether you’re a novice or expert. Our Glow Up Vitamin C serum is teeming with, of course, vitamin C and the antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu plum. Pat on this sweet-smelling serum and your skin will pay you back with porcelain skin (we’re taking major improvement on uneven skin texture and skin tone), as well as protection from pollution and UV damage.

Worried about dryness and signs of ageing? Try our Golden Hour Vitamin A serum. Packed with swoon-worthy ingredients like retinol and hydrating factors, this mighty wonder irons out fine lines, fades dark spots, acne scars and pigmentations; repairs your skin and increases the skin’s elasticity. You’ll be rewarded with plump, radiant and dewy skin. *Chef’s kiss*

Step 4: Eye cream

The eyes are the window to your soul and they’re probably the first thing people notice. You wanna keep those peepers looking healthy, moisturised and protected from the sun so no questions asked – eye creams are crucial. They target dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The best eye creams are doused with ingredients like vitamin C and E, retinol, peptides and caffeine. Be wary of the delicate layer of skin around your eyes. No rubbing, be gentle!

Step 5: Moisturiser

We may be reaching the tail’s end of our banging routine but boy is this a crucial step. Not only does it lock in all the good stuff you’ve just piled on your skin but moisturisers also keep your skin from feeling dry. We’re spoilt for choice at the types of moisturisers available. Acne-prone, oily, sensitive, combination, dry, ageing skin – you name, they’ve got it.

Step 6: Sunscreen for day

We don’t think this needs much explaining – it’s pretty obvious that it’s a crime not to apply sunscreen during the day. Why? ‘Cos the effects of sun damage are non-reversible. Prevention is better than cure right? Alright, so if you reaally need us to lay down some facts, how does decreasing the risk of skin cancer, as well as protection against sunspots and premature ageing sound? Sunscreens come with physical and chemical blockers, and various PA and SPF levels so be sure to pick the right one for yourself. Of course, we’ve left out face masks, spot treatments and essences. Use them whenever you need that extra boost. It doesn’t stop at skincare… what goes into your body plays a part too.

We’ll be really honest with you. Slathering on skin-loving ingredients is one thing, but if your sleep routine, diet and lifestyle is sh*t, there’s only so much a bunch of acids can do. You are what you eat, so be good to your gut and incorporate omega-3 fat-, fibre-, vitamin-, antioxidant-rich ingredients into your diet. We’re talking leafy greens, nuts, fruits, lean protein and healthy fat. It’s okay to indulge every now and then too! Remember, it’s all about balance, baby.

Fluids. fluids. Fluids. Give your body plenty of H2o (at least eight glasses daily) and it’ll pay you back in the form of clear and hydrated skin. Water removes toxins from your skin and body, and also helps your skin cells to function properly. And no, we’re not saying you should skip your five o’clock tipple altogether (we’re ain’t monsters) but have ‘em in moderation.

Ever looked in the mirror after a workout and thought, ‘damn, my skin is glowing like hell?” Us too. The post-workout glow is real. We all know that working out releases endorphins but when you get your blood pumping, you also promote the circulation of good stuff in your body and skin. We also have to talk about self-care. Stress, lack of sleep and poor mental health can put a damper on your skin. There aren’t any hard and fast rules but looking after yourself can mean anything from catching up on your fave series, picking up a new hobby, growing your green thumb, hiking, meditation, baking, therapy and the list goes on. Of course, we ain’t experts so please seek professional advice from a certified nutritionist or dietician. So… how do you wake up with a morning glow?

With the winning formula of a stellar skincare routine and small adjustments to your lifestyle, you’ll be up and about with naturally glowing skin before you know it. Rise and shine, people!


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